Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kai's Birthday in July

Writing for SAbona has been keeping me very busy -- writing a few different newsletters, and some website copy each week, a printed magazine every two months, and then other bits and pieces too (I've even been selling some advertising recently!).
So this blog has really ended up at the bottom of the list of things to do.
But I really wanted to share some beautiful pictures of Kai's birthday. She turned six and after thinking of ideas of what party we could have in a relatively small space at home, we decided on a makeover party.
It was especially thanks to Princess Tiana who created a most wonderful party that the girls absolutely loved!
Kai invited seven friends and Flower Princess Tiana did their hair, some make up and they had their nails painted.

They also made flower crowns. She also gave them pictures to colour in, and there was a prize for the best. And they had a pass the parcel that she organised.

The most exciting part was once the girls were done up, Tiana had beautiful princess dresses and shoes that they could wear while having a photo shoot. It was so cute -- the girls all looked like they felt very grown up! A few days after the party Tiana sent us a CD containing all the pictures.

Apart from sorting out the food and chatting to parents, there wasn't much for me to do at all!!
I had a fun time with the food -- did these cute 'ladies' with ice cream cones, and made strawberry milkshakes (of course, we had to have something pink to drink) with real strawberries! And we had a fairy cake.

Most of the mom's stayed so that they could see their girls being made up, and it was a really nice atmosphere.
Finally, here is proof of what kids can do when asked to decorate plain brown paper for wrapping presents. Entirely on his own, this is what Slade did for his sister...