Friday, May 27, 2011

Singing Star

Phillip and I were very proud to watch Kai performing on stage during the school assembly this morning. She was with the Year 1 choir called Melodic Minors. They sang the National Anthem (I must say it's still somewhat strange for me to listen to that, and even more so watch my daughter sing it on stage), and also a song called Gary Galah. 
I'm rather glad that she learned this song at school, and shared it with us as I have now learned the correct pronunciation of galah. Having thought it was the same as gala, I now know that it's ga-lah with the emphasis on the lah!
The galah or rose-breasted cockatoo is commonly see throughout Australia.

I found this info and photograph on a website dedicated to galahs!  
Galahs are one of the few native birds that have thrived since white settlement of Australia, as they are particularly fond of agricultural crops and are often found in massive flocks in these rural areas (unfortunately thus deemed as a pest by many farmers).
There is no mistaking the Galah in flight. It’s pink and grey colour and unmistakable deep wingbeats, combined with acrobatic erratic displays and familiar chirps and harsh screeches make it a joy to watch in the air.
Galahs enjoy feeding on the ground and will often be found on lawns and in parks searching for grass seeds.
These birds are particularly fond of the rain, and can often be seen clowning about on power lines during a downpour. It is not uncommon to see them hanging upside down or doing ’360s’ on the power lines!