Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back to School

We had a good end to the holidays -- we spent last Friday at the Queensland Museum in South Bank. We've been there several times before, but they have different activities and events during the holidays. During this visit we watched a science show and we went to the Sciencentre, which we hadn't done previously. The centre has lots of interactive science-based exhibits that enable to the children to 'play' and experiment with all sorts of things. It was especially great as it meant that the kids could run around as we've had rain almost every day during the holidays so they've been pretty cooped up!
The kids also got to make a few things. The one table had different coloured sheets of paper, white card, coloured pipe cleaners, split pins and a few other bits and pieces and the children were encouraged to make whatever they liked. It was great to see Slade and Kai being really creative and making a few different things after coming up with the ideas themselves -- in fact, I had to persuade them to leave and we even had to take the goodies back to the car as we couldn't have carried them around with us during the rest of our time in the museum!
On Saturday Slade started playing cricket -- it is a 10 week program that is essentially an introduction to the game. He really enjoyed himself and described it as "awesome" when we got into the car. Kai also thoroughly enjoyed herself as there is a great play area on the side of the cricket field and she made a friend!
On Monday it was back to school -- both the kids were keen to have a longer holiday, but had good days back.
It's a busy start to the week with Kai having gymnastics on Monday after school, and then guides starting in the early evening, and Slade has Scouts, which is temporarily on Tuesday evenings, but will be going back to Thursday soon. The kids really enjoy their respective activities and it's great for them to have the opportunity to meet children who aren't in their school, and to do things that they might not do otherwise.
I've kept busy with a couple of meetings, doing some networking and also doing some admin work for Phillip. I'm enjoying not having a pressured and very time-consuming job, and today the kids and I even went through some old photographs artwork done by the kids over the years, school reports and other bits and pieces. Everything is currently half unpacked and on the dining room table, but it's great to think that I may even get around to sorting some of it at least during the week.