Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Brisbane

I had intended to start this blog by telling about some of the things that we've done since we've arrived in Brisbane, but time is running away with me. I'll hopefully catch up later, but in the meantime, we've celebrated our first Christmas in Australia.

It was strange to be so far away from South Africa, and especially from family. We went to church in the morning, and then had a special lunch at home with just the four of us. Talking to family on Christmas Day was a special time, but also a sad reminder of what we were away from. It did help to know that next Christmas my Mom is planning to be with us so we'll have at least one extra family member with us the next time around.

The kids really enjoyed themselves and were happy with their presents. Kai loved her baby that talks, and Slade has become quite addicted to Lego so he was really pleased with his huge ship set!

We spent an evening a few days before Christmas driving around to find some Christmas lights. I was a little surprised that Christmas lights almost seemed quite hard to find, but there are a couple of competitions that are held every year and it's quite easy to find addresses of the entrants and winners on the internet. So we chose a few houses and streets fairly near to our house and had a wonderful time looking at some wonderful creations.

Another highlight of our first Christmas in Brisbane was a trip into the city to see the Christmas festivities there. There was a theatrical group doing a fun performance in the pedestrian mall in Queen Street. The kids loved watching the juggling, trapeze performance and other circus tricks. Myers Centre, which is in Queen Street, is known for it's wonderful themed Christmas window.

We also got to see the huge Christmas tree which is put up in the mall by the council.

And Kai so enjoyed riding the Christmas train which was an attraction INSIDE the Myers shop!

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