Monday, March 30, 2009

What a weekend!

We had the most wonderful day on Saturday. We had splurged a little to make use of a special for Queensland residents that allows entry into three theme parks -- Warner Brothers Movie World, Wet n Wild and Seaworld -- for about the same price as a single entry ticket. And we can go as many times as we like from the time we bought them until the end of June! Needless to say these tickets are going to keep us busy.

For our first visit we decided to go to Movie World. It was a fantastic day. We arrived at about 11 (the rides only open at 10.30) and left shortly before being ushered out by the security guard at about 5.30pm. The kids had such a ball. The only disappointment for Kai was that she was too little for some of the really scary rides. In fact, the roller coaster in the kid's section was seriously enough for me, but she really wanted to know why she couldn't go on the huge Superman rollercoaster and another ride. She has to grow about another 40cm for both of those so it's not even like she nearly qualifies! She'll certainly be doing those with her dad, and not her mom!

The park had a great variety of things -- a few shows including a stunt driver one. But we didn't attend any of those as the kids were really far too busy going from ride to ride. A great bonus of having these tickets was that we could just opt to do some of the things next time.

The area catering mainly for the younger children had a great variety of activities: Little taxis to drive, bumper cars, a train, cages that swung around, rides that swung sideways or went up and down and a merry go round.

Apart from the shows, a number of movie characters were around and they did a parade through the park. And there were also some of the props around including the actual Bat mobile used in the movie, as well as Speed Racer!

Although it wasn't too hot, the kids still enjoyed some time playing in the water. Kai didn't spend too much time in there as the lure of the roller coaster was far to strong. Slade jumped and ran around for ages, trying to catch and kick the water squirting up from the ground.

Kai and Phillip went on the Wild West ride which is not in the children's section of the park. Kai absolutely loved it!

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Andrea said...

What an awesome day, don't you just LOVE all the options of things to do.....we are also inclined to buy the annual or family passes as it takes all the pressure off the day and you can just relax and have fun knowing you can return if you want to.