Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy Weekend

We've had a really wonderful weekend. On Saturday we headed out to Ipswich to the Workshops Rail Museum where we had seen Thomas the Tank Engine and the Fat Controller in December.

This time around it was Bunny Eggventures and the children got an Easter egg from the Easter Bunny, went on the little train, got balloons and temporary tattoos, made an Easter hat and other craft, met some cute baby animals and generally played around on all the other train activities.

We are definitely making the most of our annual pass to the Rail Museum -- and we'll be heading out again next week as they have an experience called Toyland Express during the holidays. The highlight for Slade is that they can make their own train with wood, hammer and nails!

Saturday evening we went to the home of a family from SA. They are clients of Phillip's (first in SA, now here) and they arrived in Australia a short time after Phillip did. And Sunday we spent the afternoon, and into the evening, with another two families from SA. We'd met our hosts after arriving in Australia. They've been here 10 months and have two daughters slightly older than our two kids. Also there was the family that Phillip stayed with for a few days after he arrived in Australia -- their son works with Phillip.

It was a really great afternoon chatting and enjoying sushi, which Melony had made for us! The kids had a fantastic time playing with the girls and really enjoyed the trampoline in the back garden.

It was off to school this morning. A four day week this week, and Slade's last day of school for the term is Thursday. Kai will probably go to school for one or two days next week as she's really keen to go and play with her friends!

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