Friday, May 8, 2009

Kevin Rudd and the Hair Dryer

The big story in the news today is whether or not Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd threw a "wobbly" over a hair dryer while visiting troops in Afghanistan.

The visit occurred just before Christmas last year!

Another member of parliament has claimed that the prime minister became agitated because a hair dryer couldn't be found for a photo opportunity.

Rudd claims the allegations are "laughable, ridiculous and untrue".

But some commentators have said that his denial is a little less believable after his office also denied a story about him reducing a flight attendant to tears during a flight in January.

Despite the initial denials, Rudd was subsequently forced to publicly apologise after his complaints about the food service on a VIP flight resulted in the tears.

I wondered if Rudd might have had something to say about this on Twitter. I'm still a very quiet observer on Twitter having being cajoled to join up by the Sabona team. However, I was fascinated to find Sabona being followed and following by the PM Kevin Rudd himself (or the member of his entourage who does the tweeting).

For those of you not into Twitter basically you can post a short blurb (known as a tweet) which will be read by your followers -- there is no space for more than a few words, although you can put links to websites.

Well, as yet Rudd's had nothing to say about their hair dryer incident, but here are some of his recent tweets:

Still smarting over Herald Sun’s comments on my tweets...

Great being back home in Brisbane this morning, weather is perfect!

Working hard in sunny Canberra today

About to meet again with the NZ PM. Caught up for dinner last night, gave him an Australian cricket bat!

Incidentally, Rudd currently has some 40,000 people registered as followers of his tweets.

Amazing to see use of technology in this way!

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