Monday, June 22, 2009


I found it really interesting (especially after writing extensively about crime in South Africa) to read a round up about the local crime in a community newspaper recently. It was for the bay area which is west of where we live. The report showed individual incidents that had occurred. This is a summary:
The main story was an appeal for witnesses to an assault that took place outside a hotel/bar recently.
Other incidents were listed per area
Alexandra Hills
1. Car broken into. Swiss army knife stolen
2. Camper trailer stolen from driveway between 8pm on May 31 and 3.30pm on June 2.
3. Attemted break and enter at a house
4. Window of a classroom at the state high school broken. A fluoro light bulb and covers stolen
5. Car parked at shopping centre damaged between 11pm on June 5 and 1am on June 6
6. Brick used to smash 13 windows at high school. Soft drinks stolen from canteen.
7. Closed circuit camera stolen from sports club. Offender was on a bicycle.

1. Glass panel of door at primary school broken

1. Four hubcaps stolen from car parked in underground car park of shopping centre between 11am and 1pm

1. Two number plates stolen from car
2. Car broken into and property stolen
3. Two registration plates stolen from car
4. Rocks thrown at a car parked in a school car park
5. Business broken into and unsuccessful attempt to open a safe
6. School broken into. Furniture and other items thrown out of the window
7. Welding equipment stolen from business
8. People seen throwing rocks and breaking panels of a bus shelter

Mount Cotton
1. Graffiti vandalism to a sign
2. Sledge hammer or crowbar used to open a locked wooden door of a convenience store, but nothing stolen

1. Car stolen from driveway. Keys were left in the ignition

Victoria Point
1. Purse and mobile phone stolen from outside a supermarket after the owner left them behind and returned to find them gone

Wellington Point
1. House broken into. Jewellery, household items, keys to car, and the car stolen
2. House broken into. Jewellery stolen

Coochiemudlo Island
1. House broken into. Alcohol stolen
2. House broken into. Money, alcohol and mobile phone stolen


Andrea said...

Oh my word, isn't that is so refreshing to live in a country where the those kind of crimes make the papers - long may it last!

Glad to hear from Phil that you are settling well.


Carolyn said...

Hi there... i came accross your blog via an expat site and find your entries very funny and inspirational. Thanks for sharing all of this with us. We are in the process of moving to Aus and was wondering if you could help me with some questions...? How long did it all take?

Best, Carolyn