Friday, September 24, 2010

School Holidays

We're having a great time this school holidays. For me, it's meant much more time to relax than I have had in the passed!
Usually I'm trying to squeeze fun things in with the kids, and squeeze in work as well. And when I was doing one thing, I was thinking about the other!
This week I've had some time to sort out things at home -- fortunately there's still another week for that as I've got more to get through. I went through some boxes that are stored in our garage and made sure that they're packed for the next move (we'll be moving house early next year).
Phillip says that it's great to come home and find me more relaxed!
The kids have enjoyed mostly pottering around this week. We've been somewhat lazy, especially as it's rained on and off almost the entire week.
We went to the movies on Tuesday -- watched Despicable Me, which Kai first called Speckle Me! Got DVDs for a week on Cheap Tuesday (when they're only a dollar a DVD!), and have done some baking.
The kids also went to a cookery class on Wednesday, which they really enjoyed. Made pizzas (including the dough), cookies and a dessert with mousse, biscuits and jelly.
The kids have also just had time to play on the computer, play lego and other games. They mostly play pretty well together. Earlier in the week they were playing Agents (inspired by Lego secret agents!) and had swords and other gadgets that they made from boxes.
It's really great to listen to them playing and getting on so well (of course, there are the arguments occasionally too).
I was especially proud when at one stage Kai suggested doing something as part of the game, but Slade said that it would take too long. Kai replied: "Well, perhaps if we work as a team, we'll get it done quickly."

 Baking Biscuits!

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Andrea said...

Don't you just love it that your children are close - think that is the greatest gift they can have as siblings xxx