Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Trip to South Africa

We have just returned from a most wonderful six week trip to South Africa. It was so good to spend time with family and catch up with a few friends. We stayed for the first few weeks, including over Christmas, with my family in KwaZulu-Natal. The kids spent time playing with their cousins, being busy with grandparents and bonding with their aunt and uncle. We visited a few friends in Hillcrest, and did lots of shopping! We were there for Christmas, and it was really special to be with a big group of our family and friends at that time.
Just after Christmas it was time to head off to Port Elizabeth, where Phillip's family live. We drove there, enjoying the scenery. It is a long trip -- taking us about 12 hours. The kids did so well on the long journey. Keeping themselves entertained for much of the way.
We spent two weeks there staying in a unit at Palm Lodge, which is fairly near to where Phillip's family live. It was really great as we had lots of space, a pool outside the back door, and braai (BBQ) facilities. We had the family over as it was such a great place to be, and also did a bit of sightseeing in the area.
After the long drive back we had two nights before we headed off to the Kruger Park game reserve. It was great to be able to spend five nights in the park, and to see so many animals in the wild.
We are enjoying being back home, and have a few days before the kids start school. As I write this Slade and Kai are playing that they are going on a night drive. Slade has converted a remote control car into a game drive vehicle, and they have both made another bigger game drive vehicle out of a box. Kai has dressed up some dolls that she's put into the box and they are driving together around the house spotting animals. "There's a lion over here. I'm just turning around to go back and see it." "I've just crashed into a giraffe!"


Andrea said...

Going back is lovely, but we found coming home even better. Glad you had a good trip, enjoy the last few days of your hols xxx

Anonymous said...

sounds like a lovely holiday. i'm sure going 2 the kruger was an absolute treat 4 Kai & Slade. so miss the wild life living here in nz.