Friday, February 11, 2011


Slade and Kai have settled in so well to their new school, which has been a great relief to us. It's always hard to do something new, and being such a big decision it's a little nerve-wracking as a parent!
We chose to send them to a private school called Sheldon College. It's in Thornlands, which is closer to Moreton Bay from where we've been living in Calamvale.
They are both enjoying making new friends and the range of new activities to which they're being exposed. There is quite a big emphasis on drama, sport and music during school hours. Slade has a string instruments music class this term and has chosen to try the violin, while Kai is enjoying singing and has chosen to be part of a choir that does a number of performances during the year.

They're also getting involved in extra-mural activities. Both kids are doing swimming and Kai is also doing dancing. Slade got thrown in the deep end (literally) with swimming when he went to do an assessment and was lumped together with the squad swimmers practicing their butterfly! He coped very well and has continued in squad swimming.
I was so proud of Slade, who, having got lost on the second day at school, quite confidently asked a teacher (that he didn't know) to help him find his classroom.
We have really being struck by how friendly everyone at the school is. Parents, teachers and pupils alike. As new students to the school, they've had other children looking after them and making them feel welcome. And we've already got a few play-dates in the pipeline.
So together with the change in schools, we'll be moving house at the end of the month. It'll mean that we won't have a 30min plus commute, which includes a stretch along the motorway leading to the city. We are all looking forward to that!
We are also very excited about the house that we've found to rent. It's in an estate/complex in Redland Bay, which is on Moreton Bay. The estate has a communal pool, tennis court, gym, BBQ/braai area and picnic area. The house itself is a wonderful double storey with four bedrooms upstairs and a big living area downstairs. We are really excited to have the extra space. The property prices in the area are pretty reasonable so if we're happy living in the area at least we know it's affordable to buy too!

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Andrea said...

Sounds like 2011 is off to a brilliant start...wonderful news about the children's school and the new house - look forward to seeing photos when you are all settled.