Monday, December 12, 2011

Inspiration: Helping Kids to Fly

I really like this excerpt from How to help your child fly through life by Andrew Martin:

" is a lot like flying (in the aeroplane sense).  Some people love it. Some people fear it. Some people are bored by it. Some people just ride it out neither bored nor enthused by it. Our aim as parents (and teachers) is to nurture children who love to fly.

To help kids fly and enjoy the ride, there is a need for a good pilot (i.e. good parents or caregivers and teachers) and a sound plane (i.e. a safe and supportive home and an effective class and school). Both pilot and plane need to function effectively to get the plane safely in the air and to safely land it on time and at the right destination (i.e. effectively guiding children into adulthood). There is often anticipated and unanticipated turbulence that needs to be weathered (just as there are tough times in life that must be endured). It is also important to have all of one's luggage arrive on time and in the right place (i.e. reaching adulthood with all the appropriate skills to function well in life).

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