Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First day of school

The school term started yesterday and Slade and Kai both had really good first days. Kai was really excited -- she's been saying that she doesn't have any friends here in Australia, and she's really missed her friends from SA. She was very happy to get to school, said goodbye to us without any concern and sat down with one of the little girls in her class. She was quite disappointed when I arrived to collect her in the afternoon!

Slade was a little more hesitant going to school, but he had a really good day. Had quite a lot to say about his new school and had spent quite a lot of time with one little boy, in particular. There is lots for him to get used to. He's in a big classroom (almost like two classes combined in a H-shaped room) with two teachers and one teacher's aide. They had music in a different classroom. There are two breaks and the school day is from 9am to 3pm. The school is from prep to grade 12 so it is really big! Nevertheless, he came home feeling really good about the day, and was happy to go back again this morning.

Slade was not keen on having a photo taken until persuaded to sit with Phillip on the stairs inside our house. Slade has a button up shirt with the school logo, blue shorts, white socks and black shoes, as well as a wide brimmed hat that they have to put on every time they go out of the classroom. One day a week he wears sports clothes which consist of a golf shirt and slightly less formal pants.

Kai was quite happy to pose!

The school is within walking distance of our house (probably about 0.5km). We went in the car on the first day (mainly as Slade had lots of stationery to take with him), but the queue to get parking was long and slow. This morning I walked with the children. From tomorrow they're hoping to ride their bicycles which they can park at the bike rack at Slade's school.

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Andrea said...

Sounding good my friend....everyone will settle so much more now that you have the normality of school back in your lives.

Glad they had so much fun!