Monday, February 2, 2009

Settling in

Well, it's the start of the kids second week at school. They are riding their bicycles every day. Slade has a bike rack at school where he can park, but Kai had to ask her kindi if there was a place for her bicycle as it's the only one! They were quite happy for her to park it at the entrance to the school, between the little pedestrian gate and the door.

They really enjoy the riding and I've enjoyed the walk home and back to school to collect them. Last week was warm most times although I did get caught in some light rain on the one morning. It was actually quite refreshing though. Today was a different story. As I came out of Slade's school it started to pour, and pour. I made a quick dash for the bus shelter and thought I would try to wait it out. The rain here is often in short spurts, and then the sun is out for a while, before we get hit by another downpour!

So there I am hiding out in the bus shelter when I get joined by another mom who had made a dash from the school. She had got completely drenched, but was fortunate enough to have a car outside Kai's school which is a little down the road from where we were hiding out. We chatted for a bit and when the rain seemed to be subsiding a bit, decided to head out. Well fortunately my new acquaintance offered me a ride as the downpour wasn't as short as I'd hoped. Trudy lives just around the corner and usually walks her children too, but I sure was glad that she had her car with today. What an amazing way to meet a friend!

I also made an arrangement today to go to the home of a friend that Slade has made. Tyson particularly wanted Slade to go over to his home, but Slade wasn't so keen to go on his own. So we're going to go together, with Kai as well, on Wednesday afternoon. I've spoken to Tyson's mom Ayseak at drop off and collection times at school. They moved here about 8 months ago from NZ looking for a warmer climate where they're able to spend more time outdoors.


Andrea said...

amazing the way you meet people when you have to :-) Glad she had a car and offered you a ride!

Isn't it lovely that the children can ride to school while you walk along with of the things I LOVE most about being here is the walking!


Bronnie said...

Stumbled upon your blog at expat blog. I do a blog too, about our life in NZ ...
Enjoyed reading your take on life in Brisbane - hope you continue to enjoy it.