Thursday, November 19, 2009

Proud Mommy Moment

We spent last evening at the Calamvale Community College awards evening. It was the main award ceremony for the school for 2009. Slade was one of two children in his pod as it is known (total of about 50 children) to get a merit award.
He was extremely anxious before the ceremony. He did know a bit about what to expect as they had a rehearsel during the day, but was nervous about all the parents who would be watching.
However, he did very well, went up on to the stage and shook hands with the person handing over the award. Then stood very proudly with his group to have photos taken.
He got a certificate and a medal that he put next to his bed when he went to sleep. He walked through holding on to it after waking up this morning.
I'm a very, very proud Mom this morning!


Donna Rae Janssen Little said...

Well done Slade that's such an awesome achievement.

Andrea said...

Well done Slade you go have done so well when you have been there such a short time is fantastic!

SA Expats said...