Monday, January 18, 2010

My Special Treat

Having not written for ages (again), I have so much to share. I'm starting small though because I want to write about my special treat last week.

Phillip decided that he wanted to take me away for a night, leaving the kids with my mom, as my birthday present, and also partly a little celebration for our 10 year anniversary which we celebrated with a family dinner in September!

He didn't tell me where he was taking me to, but spent lots of time on the internet looking at places. Anyway we headed off on Thursday morning for the Gold Coast, with Phillip mentioning that we weren't actually going to be staying near the beach! We had an hour or so to relax and get some lunch. We considered swimming, but it was seriously hot, and we had to be somewhere by 2pm or so, and then we could be somewhere at 1pm, which was earlier than expected! All a little confusing.

Well we headed up into the mountains, and soon I realised that we were heading for Tamborine Mountain. We duly arrived at Witches Falls Cottage. I didn't take any pictures so please look at their website -- and let me tell you it is as wonderful as it appears in the pictures.

The cottages are really private. The bathrooms, with a spa bath, have a glass wall with a door leading out into a little courtyard that's full of ferns. The cottages have one room with a couple of stairs leading up the bed, a couch and a small kitchenette and diningroom table. There's also a little courtyard and patio out another door that's very private too. We ate our breakfast out there in the morning looking into and smelling the roses and lavender!

Just as we were settling in there was a knock at the door, and here was Rachel with another treat for me. Rachel works for Ripple day spa. They provide mobile services in your home, or wherever you happen to be staying! Witches Falls Cottages promote them quite extensively and that's how Phillip came to hear about them. They brought along all their stuff and I had four hours of massage, exfoliation, face packs, etc. It was absolutely wonderful. So relaxing, and the best part was that when it was all over I just put on a bath robe (provided by Witches Falls Cottages) and relaxed. Phillip had popped out to get some biscuits, cheese, wine for supper so we really didn't have to go anywhere!

For breakfast in the morning we had a basket delivered to our door, and we sat on the patio eating the most delicious fresh homemade bread with ham, cheese, jams etc. There was also cereals, yoghurt and fruit. Really yummy.

After checking out of the cottages we spent a couple of hours wondering around the shops in Tamborine. It really was a wonderful time, and I must say a huge thank you to Phillip (I love you, babe), and also thanks to my mom for looking after the kids while we were away.

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