Saturday, April 10, 2010

The School Dilemma

I have recently written a blog on the SAbona website about some issues relating to schooling in Australia especially as a new arrival from Southern Africa.
It's been the catalyst for quite a lot of debate and discussion about choosing a school for your children and may be useful if you're moving to Australia or looking for schools for your kids.
You can read it here.
Please comment on that site if you have some experience that could help others, or ask questions if you're looking for more info.

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Andrea said...

Hey Cheryl, so glad to catch your blog over at Sabona and thought I would comment here rather as nothing very much to add except a thought.

I too was shocked by the perceived lack of diciplin amongst the teenagers here until someone asked me precisely how many teenagers I had been exposed to in parks and on the street in South Africa, and it made me think, maybe in our new homes we just see more as people aren't all behind huge walls and electric gates - just a thought, certainly got me thinking :0)

Hope you guys are all doing well - love and hugs