Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tax Refunds in Brisbane

There's a great story in the news today about how the tax office works here.
When I see the way some things happen here, I really appreciate them. Simple things like being able to travel on a bus or train into the city. Phillip was waiting to catch a bus soon after he arrived here and the person next to him complained that the bus was a few minutes late -- We just really appreciate the fact that we have access to public transport.
Well I had a laugh when I read this headline Tempers as taxman takes time. What does it mean to 'take time', I wondered?
Last year we couldn't believe when Phillip had his tax refund cheque arrive in the post box literally days after our accountant had sent the return. Incredible!
Well there is frustration that tax returns have taken up to four months to process. Doesn't sound too long, but it's certainly well in excess of the normal 14-business-day turnaround. The delay is due to the implementation of a new processing system.
The tax commissioner even said that taxpayers who were owed a refund and had to wait more than 30 days for their assessment notice would be paid interest!


littlekiwis said...

Interesting article Cheryl. Our tax rebates here seem to take about 2 months unless you get on the phone and harrass someone then you could probably get it a month earlier!

Andrea said...

Oh my word...amazing isn't it, and as for public transport, don't even get me started about the British, they simply don't know they are alive and yet never stop complaining about how bad the service is - guess it is all relative :0)

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