Friday, June 10, 2011

My Superstar

We had a celebration dinner this evening and Slade got to chose the menu. He was the recipient today of a 'Well Done' award in the school assembly.
The certificate states that he received the award for:
"Oozing interest for every lesson. I love that you take so much time to always complete work to such a high standard. You are a great learner!"
Slade's teacher sent us an email earlier in the week to tell us that he'd be getting the award. This is what she said in her email:
"Slade is always so genuinely interested in everything that we do. He always approaches new concepts with a 'can do' attitude and he thinks so carefully about offering considered comments to our discussions. He truly is a delightful boy to have in our class and he is such an enthusiastic learner. What a superstar!"
Mom and Dad are very, very proud of you, Slade!

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