Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ordering Coffee in Oz

Moving to Australia there were a whole lot of things that I thought would be different and that would take getting used to.
It didn't for a moment cross my mind that ordering coffee would be something that I'd have to learn my way around! Okay, so there were bigger things to think about, but for someone who enjoys coffee, knowing how to order a cup of coffee is pretty important too.
I have realised that I'm not the only one trying to figure this out as many of the coffee shops have brochures available that explain their coffee and other drinks.
The easy option when ordering is a cappuccino -- yes, a cappuccino is a cappuccino, even in Australia.
But if you're ordering anything else, there are some explanations needed. So here are a few (thanks to the brochure from Gloria Jean's Coffees):
Flat White (in other words, coffee with milk!): Espresso with steamed milk. Plain and simple.
Long Black (that is, coffee without milk!): Rich, intense espresso coffee lengthened with hot water. Bold, black coffee.
Short Black: Gloria Jean's Special Espresso Blend coaxed to yield the essence of fine coffee. Wonderfully intense & aromatic.

So those are the basics, but special coffees and other hot drinks are huge here, and Zarraffa's Coffee is one of the places where the menu is something of a minefield of choices. There are the drinks, then the strength, the flavours and the extras. And don't forget about the milk options (full-cream, skinny, soy or light soy).
So you could start off choosing something like caramelised cappuccino or white chocolate mocha. If you need a serious wake up call you could ask for a triple shot of coffee, and then you can add flavours such as caramel, hazelnut, irish cream, butterscotch and peppermint.
Then it's the extras which can include whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate powder, chocolate or white chocolate flakes, chocolate or white chocolate fudge and caramel fudge.
Whew, sounds more like dessert than a cup of coffee!


anelia_blackie said...

How true! I remember seeing a large poster outside a coffee shop once (was it in Sydney?) that explained the different coffees. It had a picture of a white man lying on a beach and underneath the words "flat white" and a picture of a black man standing upright and underneath the words "tall black".

Cheryl Goodenough said...

That is so funny, Anelia!

The Cape Club said...

Great blog Cheryl.. I've subscribed so.. keep writing..
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The Cape Club said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Cheryl.. my book recommendations.. for sure.. buy on line through Book Depository (UK) FREE delivery to Au..
I'm loving
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chat again soon
x Jean

littlekiwis said...

can so relate here in nz as well. they not big on their teas but there are the few who go 4 the chai lattes either vanilla, plain & i think there are some other flavours. But coffee is big! Either people are sitting in cafe's drinking it or walking with a take away! My sister in the UK is into flavoured teas and quite enjoying the fruity ones. I tried green tea and did not enjoy it at all infact english breakfast, five roses and earl gray is as extravegant as i will go but drink mainly rooibos!
tx 4 your blog i so enjoy reading all your happenings! love to the family