Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goodenough History

I'm really enjoying my trips to the library and am borrowing lots of magazines and some different books, especially those about Australia.

This week I found a book called The Australians by John Hirst. The author, a historian, was commissioned in 2006 by the National Australia Day Council to look at Australians -- who they are, their character, whether they are different from 100 years ago etc. The book includes excerpts from various places and written by various people. I've browsed through it, concentrating a little more when I find things of interest.

Then I found reference to Goodenoughs!

The excerpt is from a book called My Brother Jack (1964), the best selling novel by George Johnston. That narrator David Meredith has a discussion about what should be planted in their suburban garden. David tells his wife that he went out to buy a tree from Goodenough's Nurseries. They then have a long discussion about the kind of tree that David bought, with David saying that he wanted a proper tree growing in their garden. Although they live in Beverley Park Gardens Estate in Beverley Grove, there isn't a park, a garden or a grove! David then refers to Old Joe Goodenough who had assured him that the tree would grow into a real tree.

I've been unable to find any reference to Goodenough's Nurseries through google, or even Beverley Grove, a few Beverley Streets etc, including some in the Brisbane area. I did find a site compiled by a Clyde Goodenough based in Australia ( though so that was something fun to find!

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