Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have a job!! I'm going to be doing some hours every week from home for Sabona which is a magazine for people from southern Africa living in Australia. The magazine is a really great resource. It is available electronically for free, and a printed version is available in some shops (especially those selling South African products) throughout Australia.

Sabona's mission is to provide a positive environment for ex-Southern Africans to build strong new relationships and help make Australia their home. I'm really excited about being involved. I'm going to be writing some articles in the magazine and also producing copy to put on their website. They also get a whole bunch of emails with various requests, including asking for help for a large number of people who are being left without jobs in the current economic crisis. I'm going to help with responding to those.

Sabona also organises networking functions in various parts of Australia. Phillip has attended a business networking group that meets in Brisbane south, and I'm looking at getting together a similar group that will meet during school hours for those who are dropping kids off at school in the morning and can't attend the early function.

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Andrea said...

sounds great cheryl!