Friday, November 12, 2010

Busy, Busy

There is so much going on in our household at the moment. In fact, the other evening Slade was counting some of the big things there are happening in our lives at the moment (well, some of the things are especially important to him), and got up to nearly 10 quite major happenings!

1. We're off to South Africa for a whole six weeks leaving in less than four weeks! I can't believe how the time is racing  by and we're all super excited. It's a long time to be away, but we're fortunate to be able to go away for that long. Phillip's work is pretty quiet during that time anyway, although he's putting in lots of extra hours now to make up for the time away. We're going to be in Howick/Pietermaritzburg for about three weeks staying with family and catching up with friends in Hillcrest.
Then just after Christmas we're driving through to Port Elizabeth and will visit with Phillip's family. We're glad to be staying in a wonderful little cottage there -- we've stayed at the facility previously -- and we have the use of a pool and braai area so we're really looking forward to some relaxing time with all of his family there.
We're back in Howick for just one night and then it's off to Kruger and we just can't wait to get back there and to spend some time in the African bush. Then it's just one night back and it's time to get back on the plane to fly home. It's going to be an awesome holiday!

2. We're moving sometime after we get back from South Africa to Victoria Point, which is just over half an hour from where we are now. The suburb is on Moreton Bay -- not sure how close we'll be to the water, but in the general vicinity at least! We're still looking for rentals and as many of the ones that are being advertised now are available now or in the next two weeks or so, we might only find somewhere when we return from South Africa. We have to be out of our current rental by the end of Feb so we do have a bit of time at least.

3. The kids are starting at a new school Sheldon College. It's been a big decision for us as it's an independent school, and it means moving them after not being at Calamvale for very long. But we love the area near the bay and Phillip and I were both really happy with the school when we looked around. It's also well regarded generally. Kai has been quite happy about the move since we mentioned it, but Slade got quite anxious about it and was concerned about having to make friends again. Well, on Friday they spent the day at the school just to meet a few kids and check it out, and they both absolutely loved it. They can't wait to start! So we're kitted out with uniforms. I'll have to get stationery in a week or two, and we're nearly ready to roll!

Will roll a few other happenings into one...The kids are doing swimming classes through the school, and have a series of about 10 days where they head off each day in a bus to local swimming schools where they do the lessons. Slade's birthday is coming up, and he's having a rock climbing party. You can read about the rock climbing on my Kids in Queensland blog. Kai has a one night camp for Guides, and they're also going to be doing some canoeing. She's a bit nervous about that, but it's the first camp for quite a few of them, and I think that it'll be a wonderful environment for her to have the night away. Slade also had to do a performance -- a little skit with a group of boys -- at Cubs on Tuesday night so that was also something quite daunting for him. He did so well though -- spoke clearly and handled having a microphone very well!

Wow, what a busy time, and that doesn't even factor in Christmas!

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