Friday, November 5, 2010

From the Local Newspaper

Having reported on crime extensively in South Africa, I was quite interested to read an article in my local newspaper this week.
The front page headline read...
Bullet won't stop the presses
NOTHING will stop the presses of the Chinese newspaper
Epoch Times -- not even a drive-by shooting. "If anything
we might expand," says the defiant manager after the
Sunnybank newspaper was targeted.

Shew, I thought, bullets flying. That's quite something to happen in a local neighbourhood.
I duly turned to page 3 to read the story...

I had to read to the third paragraph to come across the following:
"A projectile, which police said may have come from an air rifle or BB gun, was fired at the Epoch Times' Mains Rd office, splintering a window only metres from where staff were meeting inside."

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Andrea said...

So so different isn't it - I heard of an armed robbery on a convenience store recently which had me a bit aggitated until it came out the assailants had used water pistols :0)