Sunday, November 28, 2010

We're on a Buzz

Well, it seems like we are all on such a buzz at the moment. Rushing around getting ready to go to South Africa for six weeks, leaving in nine sleeps, moving sometime after we return, and then fitting in all sorts of things that are happening at the moment. There is so much excitement in our family about all the things that are happening, and I've had some 'very proud Mom' moments!

This week Slade was invested as a Cub Scout. He started as a Joey Scout earlier this year, and really enjoys his weekly meetings. He also did a Joey camp earlier in the year, which was great fun for him. During the investiture ceremony he had to walk on stilts (with some assistance!) to the Cub leader Rikki. He said his promise, and had to remove his Joey shirt, to reveal his Cub shirt underneath,and then receive his badges. All this while still on the stilts!!
Slade's investiture at Cubs
On Saturday morning Slade attended The Ashes cricket at The Gabba, and went on to the field during the lunch break as part of his participation in the Milo In2Cricket program. Although a little nervous, he had the most wonderful time. They ran out through a banner and then split up into groups. Their group played in front of the member's stand so Phillip and I were racing around the outside of the stadium to get as close as possible to be able to take some photographs.
Slade's group from Macgregor Cricket Club making their entrance at The Gabba


A very proud moment seeing my son playing at The Gabba!
There were also some activities outside the stadium to keep the kids entertained. I found this one amusing!

Dunk A Pom!
Kai attended a Guide camp over the weekend. Phillip took her out to a wonderful campsite in Redland Bay (before rushing back to get to the cricket!) where they set up tents and had a really fun-filled weekend of activities.

She thoroughly enjoyed herself, and I was very proud of my daughter when all three Guide leaders said what a pleasure she was on camp, how she had got involved and handled herself very well.

After helping back up the tent, it was time for Kai's Promise Ceremony, which was at this wonderful setting alongside a dam (in which the girls had gone canoeing earlier in the day). The camp had a Christmas theme, and the three girls were dubbed The Three Wise Women, and the ceremony had a star theme. It was a very special time, and Kai's enthusiasm was especially evident when she read the Guide Promise over and over again in the car all the way back to the Guide Hut afterwards!

Kai saying her Guide Promise
She also got some badges before the camp officially closed. As there is no more Guides this year, it may be the last time that she attends an Algester Guide meeting, but it's really great that she got the opportunity to go on her first camp with this wonderful group of girls and leaders. It depends on when we move next year, but if we're still living in Calamvale for a few Monday's after school starts then she'll be able to attend a few more of their meetings.
Kai getting more Guide badges
Perhaps it's because we are newcomers in Australia, but we were the only ones who got really excited at the sight of wallabies in the parklands around the campsite while we were finishing off. Slade rushed off to get photographs of the one that was grazing fairly near to the group of guides. Then he and Phillip spotted another group of wallabies further away, including one with a joey. How wonderful to see them in the wild.
What a cute little Joey!
Wallaby in the campsite grounds -- Picture by Slade

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littlekiwis said...

so good 2 hear how well Slade & Kai have settled into Oz & how they enjoying the activities they involved in. Both growing up so fast. Hope u guys have a wonderful time in sa. will catch up on all your news when u get back.